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Skin care for dark circles that celebrities use

Dark circles under the eyes that make you look tired are one of the problems known to be difficult to improve. Here are some skincare tips from celebrities who have suffered from dark circles around their eyes to brighten them up.

How to reduce dark circles around your eyes

If you have dark circles under your eyes, covering them up with concealer or other cosmetics is one way to deal with them, but it is best to approach the dark circles themselves to improve them.

So what are the best ways to improve dark circles around the eyes? Millie Bobby Brown, who got her big break in the TV drama "Stranger Things" and also runs the cosmetic brand "Florence By Mills," gave us some tips.

She is still in her teens, and it may seem like she has no problems with her eyes, but in reality, she has been struggling with dark circles and puffiness due to her extremely busy schedule. The problem for Millie is that most eye care products are designed for anti-aging.

Millie commented to allure that she was troubled by the fact that most eye care products are for adults, such as anti-aging products, and there are not many products that are specific to dark circles. So, after much research with experts, she developed an item that approaches dark circles around the eyes. The product has become so popular that it has temporarily sold out.

Choose a product with caffeine and peptides

The product that Millie developed to combat dark circles is Florence by Mills' "Look Alive Eye Balm," which contains caffeine and peptides. The ingredients that Millie focuses on are caffeine and peptides. Millie actually uses the balm every morning and praises its function, saying, "As we developed the balm, we felt that caffeine and peptides were essential for eye care.

Caffeine is expected to improve dark circles due to its ability to constrict blood vessels, while peptides work as a moisturizing ingredient to make the skin look firmer and brighter.

The product has received nearly 1,000 reviews, with many highly positive comments such as "I've been suffering from dark circles for a long time, but I could feel a change after just a few uses" and "My dull eye area became brighter.

Millie's eye balm is priced at around 1,700 yen and can be purchased from Japan. Also, eye care items containing caffeine and peptide blends are also available in Japan, so if you are looking for an eye cream specifically for dark circles, be sure to check out the ingredients.

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