What skincare products does Kourtney Kardashian use

8 September 2021

Kourtney Kardashian

As a busy mom of three kids, Kourtney Kardashian introduces her favorite skincare products that she uses to keep her skin beautiful.

Courtney shares her beauty secrets

Kourtney Kardashian, the eldest daughter of the Kardashian family, leads a busy life as a mom of three children while appearing on the popular reality show, "The Kardashian Family: Celebrity Life.

In 2019, she launched her own lifestyle website, Poosh, where she shares beauty tips for both beauty and health, including makeup tips, anti-aging care, and skin care.

The Secret of Beautiful Skin is Clay Mask

Although she leads a busy life juggling work and child-rearing, Courtney says that she tries not to compromise on her daily skincare routine in order to keep her skin beautiful. Courtney's beauty routine is a "clay mask.

In a video interview with Harper's Bazzar, Courtney said, "When I have a little extra time, I use three different clay masks alternately depending on the condition of my skin," explaining that she takes good care of her skin without cutting corners despite her busy schedule.

Among them, Courtney's favorite clay mask is the "Instant Detox Mask" from the French cosmetic brand Caudalie!

Instant Detox Mask 75mL 3,575 yen (tax included)

Courtney says, "This is my very favorite clay mask. My skin breaks out easily, so I need to use products that are as clean as possible," she said, revealing that she prevents skin problems by caring for her skin with clay masks made from safe ingredients.

Clay masks for glowing skin!

The "Instant Detox Mask," which is used by many celebrities, is made of 99.3% natural ingredients. The clean ingredients, which do not place a burden on the skin, absorb impurities and dirt that have accumulated on the surface of the skin. It restores the skin's natural luster, improves texture, and leads to finer skin with tighter pores and more radiant skin.

By the way, the clay mask that Courtney uses is also available in Japan, so if you are interested, check out the official website of Caudalie.